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The Everest Project also called the B4 Replacement Project is the basis for the construction and qualification of a new Bulk Fractionation Facility located in Kankakee Il. This newly constructed and upgraded facility will take plasma from the CSL collection sites and process it into products that can be further refined at our sister plants in Australia, Germany, and Switzerland. AMS Installed 5 kids that have 4,800 ton (TR) of cooling capacity. Cooling approx. 30,000 Gals of Ethanol glycol to -5 and -17 degrees for bldg. 33 and 34 for the bulk fractionation facility. (Separates the proteins from Plasma). The new buildings consist of a new Bulk Fractionation Building 33, a new Clean Utility / Warehouse Building 34, a new Utility Generation Building 35, and a new boiler plant Building B39. AMS completed the Utility Generation Building 35 and the New Boiler plant Building B39. Currently, AMS is working in Bldg 33 & 34 on all punch list and 4th-floor skid piping modification.


CSL Behring is a global leader the plasma protein bio-therapeutics industry. The products produced by CSL Behring are used around the world to treat coagulation disorders including hemophilia and von Willebrand disease, primary immune deficiencies, hereditary angioedema and inherited respiratory disease, and neurological disorders in certain markets. CSL Behring’s products are also used in cardiac surgery, organ transplantation, burn treatment and to prevent hemolytic diseases in the newborn.

Chad Starr, Strategic Initiatives Utilities Lead
CSL Behring Biotherapies for Life™ 
PO Box 511 | Kankakee, IL 60901
Phone (815) 929-7034
Cell (815) 549-1322



Project Information

Project name CSL Behring
Location Indiana
Completion Date 2016
Contractor AMS
General Contractor AMS
Project Manager Don Ingalls
Project Type Heavy Industrial
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