As an integral part of our MEP team approach, our engineers, estimators, and designers along with our unionized plumbers share the same vision that has made AMS one of the finest contractors in the Chicagoland area for over 50 years. Our focus is quality, integrity, and dedication to our client. Design, Coordination, Fabrication, and Installation: AMS has a loyal and experienced team of true professionals and offers innovative design, system fabrication, project coordination and field installation to meet the challenging needs of today’s commercial construction industry. With the construction industry becoming more and more commoditized, innovation and differentiation are no longer buzzwords – they are a necessity for survival and success. AMS’s Plumbing Group along with their entire MEP team have committed to the utilization of technology and defined the operational process. AMS utilizes laser scanning, BIM, 3D and its fabrication capabilities to design, coordinate and to deliver a high-quality project in a safe and cohesive manner.

Service: Our 24/7 plumbing service team consists of licensed plumbers that are there to assist all your service and emergency needs. All service technicians are equipped with full-service vehicles and tools to meet your most difficult service requirements including but not limited to: emergency repairs, backflow testing, preventative maintenance, long line camera inspections and all the operational service requirements. If you would like someone to contact you regarding a plumbing issue, please email us @ plmbservice@AMS-PMT.COM

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roto-rooter plumbing


• Plan & Spec
• Prefabrication
• Emergency Service
• Preventative Maintenance
• Service & Maintenance


• Collaboration
• Prefabrication
• 3D Scanning
• Coordination
• Operational Data & Maintenance

Industries Served

• Commercial
• Industrial
• Educational
• Food Process
• Hospitals/Healthcare
• Pharmaceutical
• Hotel/Condominium/High Rise
• Office/Warehouse
• Tenant Build Out

Project Highlight and Customer Quote

“Eric, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what an outstanding job I think Matt Crawford and especially Nate Lenzen did for McHugh on Gibson’s Italia.  It is because of Nate and Matt that I will always make sure AMS gets a chance to bid all my projects as far as plumbing goes.  It was a tough and stressful job but the professionalism of Matt and Nate was top notch.  I never heard NO or complaints about why things might now have been going the best they could.  They were true team players and nothing makes the stress level of a PM more manageable than subs who support the team and adapt to what I needed.  Thanks again and great job.

Kevin Maguire, McHugh Construction

Service You Can Trust And Depend On

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