Industrial Prefabrication

Expanding our prefabrication techniques to work smarter, faster and safer.

To meet the demands of the greater Northwest Indiana and Joliet industrial corridors, AMS has strategically located its industrial fabrication facility in East Chicago IN. This facility is comprised of 60,000 ft2 of conditioned fabrication space with additional adjacent buildings to facilitate storage, lay down, prep and painting (special coatings) as required. This combined with the corporate facilities located in Woodridge, IL, which primarily serves our commercial piping, plumbing, and sheet metal fabrication, provides a total of 160,000 ft2 of qualified fabrication space to better serve our clients and meet all of our corporate fabrication requirements. Each facility operates under the U.A. National Pipe Fabrication agreement and fully utilizes blended crews bringing significant cost and scheduling value to project delivery.


Quality Assurance Programs

ISO Based Quality Management System (Non-Accredited)
Client/Project Specific Program Development

ASME Accreditation
“A” (Certificate No. 55,678)
“PP” (Certificate No. 31,755)
“U” (Certificate No. 32,843)

NBIC Accreditation
“R” (Certificate No. 5525)
Note: These stamps are held at the corporate level.



Industrial Prefabrication

AMS maintains full-time in-house QA/QC management to provide complete document control for each project. This process includes welder testing and certification, material test reports, procurement documentation, and weld map traceability for real-time project documentation.

Standards and techniques include SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW and client specific requirements. Additional in-house services include engineering, piping design, scheduling, and isometric/spool drawing verification.


Facility Highlights:

  • Two 30-Ton Overhead Cranes
  • 12 Temperature Controlled Hydrostatic Testing Stations
  • Weld Positioners up to 42”
  • Welder Testing Stations
  • Segregated & Secure Welding Rod Storage
  • Segregated Area for Non-ferrous Fabrication
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Oxygen Piping Clean Room Capabilities
  • Rail Spur Access


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