FileMaker Programmer

AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc. is a mechanical contracting firm based out of Woodridge, Illinois, serving the commercial, industrial, refrigeration, and nuclear industries (PMT). With over 57 years of existence, AMS has grown from a small refrigeration contractor with a few employees to a multi-discipline and multi-market MEP contractor with more than 500 employees. We strive to meet our commitments to clients, develop our people, and help improve communities.

We are looking for an experienced developer to refine and build upon our current system. We are in the process of building a quality business database solution for the Mechanical industry. Our team is actively searching for an experienced developer to work on the creation, administration, development, maintenance, and troubleshooting of our current software.


    • Provide proactive solutions to the functionality and usability of the software, with a heavy attention to UX layout and a flawless user experience.
    • Developer who can take requirements and turn them into responsive, high-performing solutions.
    • Diagnose and troubleshoot bugs, and extend functionality by adding new features within FileMaker.
    • Collaborate with stakeholders from different departments to discuss requirements and frequently communicate progress.


    • Must have prior experience developing FileMaker solutions in a Windows environment, a strong understanding of relational database design and SQL usage, schemas, views, and normalization of data.
    • Bachelor’s degree (preferred) or a minimum of 3 years relevant professional experience.
    • Experience developing FileMaker solutions in a Windows environment.
    • Strong understanding of relational database design and SQL usage.
    • Strong understanding of schemas, views, and normalization of data.
    • Strong command of FileMaker scripting language.
    • Strong understanding of security and performance concerns.
    • Able to work independently; self-motivated toward achieving goals and objectives.

Computer languages:

    • Filemaker / Claris Advanced
    • net Advanced
    • C++
    • SQL Server
    • SQL Query Advanced
    • Crystal Reports
    • Swift (IOS Apps)
    • HTML5

What We Offer

AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc., is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Continuing education incentives

Medical/dental/vision insurance

Life and accidental death insurance

Long-term disability insurance

401k/profit sharing

Paid vacation time and holidays