Blommer Chocolate

AMS had the task of repairing the existing Bryan deaerator coded vessel twice and they couldn’t repair it any longer. We had to do some creative thinking on this one with production running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They could only shutdown on approval and after a holiday chocolate run. We performed a shutdown after the Easter season run in which we had 24 hours to complete, and we did it in 12 hours. We utilized an adjacent surge tank and took 2 of the new condensate pumps from the new deaerator, including putting in a bypass line to the pumps and use the surge tank as a temporary deaerator. That gave us time to demo the old deaerator during the production runs. We then brought the new deaerator up to the rooftop mechanical room in sections, while working with Nickelson to remove the demo’d deaerator; reassembled in place and then tied in all the lines that we prepared during the shutdown. We currently relocated the 2nd of 3 pumps back to the new deaerator and are scheduled for an official start-up crossover on May 17th. At that time we will relocate the final pump to the skid and start using the new deaerator.

Project Information

Project Name: Blommer Chocolate Deaerator Replacement

Location: Blommer Chocolate Co. 600 W. Kinzie St. Chicago, IL

Completion Date: May 2018

Architect: N/A

Engineer: AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc.
Thomas E. Kelleher, PE, LEED AP

Contractor: AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc.

Project Manager: Randall Byerley

Project Type: Deaerator Replacement

Trades: Mechanical Piping & Electrical

Blommer Chocolate Project