BAS/Systems Integration


Understanding energy means maximizing efficiency.

Industry Leader

AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc. BAS/Systems Integration Group is another movement into the future of the Mechanical Contracting industry. The choice to offer our customers a variety of System Integration and Energy Solutions is just another example of our dedication to being your trusted service provider.

BAS/Systems Integration

The foundation of our Systems Integration Group is based on delivering projects with fully open architecture that will allow the many systems within a facility to be integrated and interoperable. We begin each design based on this foundation and develop a clear understanding of the needs of our client and the needs of the facility so at project completion you can be assured that every detail has been considered.

Smart/Efficient Facilities

AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc., offers smart building technology and practices that are becoming a requirement for well-run, energy efficient facilities. AMS professionals can conduct an energy audit, install or upgrade an energy efficient system or integrate entire building systems to one platform while maximizing efficiency and providing more granular control, thus saving time and money.

The AMS Energy Team will help you:
• Conduct an energy audit
• Plan and install custom energy efficient system
• Track energy consumption
• Identify rebates and tax incentives
• Improve your Energy Star rating
• Acquire sustainable benchmarking (LEED certification)


  • Installation & Replacement
  • BAS/Pneumatic System Repair & Maintenance
  • Enterprise Management
  • Energy Management/Energy Studies
  • Lighting Control, Access Control & Surveillance
  • Design/Build Services



  • Hospitality
  • Education/Institutional
  • Mission Critical
  • Food Processing
  • High-Rise Office & Multi-Family
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial Refrigeration

The Niagara Framework

When AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc. installs open systems built on the Niagara Framework, our clients not only realize better and more efficient control of their facilities, they are now in control of who they choose to partner with for long-term service. Each of our projects are designed so the client is no longer limited to one proprietary source for service, systems upgrades, and maintenance.


By installing systems built on the Niagara Framework there is no limit to the systems a client can choose to integrate.

  • Access Control
  • Irrigation
  • Mission Critical Conditioning
  • Lighting Control
  • Utility Metering
  • Surveillance
  • Continuous Commissioning
  • HVAC Controls
  • Guest Room Controls
  • Gas Detection
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Fire Protection
  • Central Plant Systems
  • Geothermal
  • BTU Metering



AMS doesn’t stop after implementation. Our professionals will monitor and maintain these complex and dynamic systems at an optimal performance to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your investment.

Customers require the effective integration of technologies to simplify their workflow and boost efficiency. ~Anne M. Mulcahy