AMS Mechanical Industrial Group offers our clients a full spectrum of mechanical and process piping solutions. These services vary from Process & Power Piping, Equipment settings, Ironwork, Millwright, Civil/Concrete/Heavy Foundations to small maintenance and capital program work. AMS project management and performance measurement system will provide clients fully integrated solutions.

At AMS, our clients know they can count on us to stay on schedule and budget. Through our performance, management systems and project leadership we collaborate day-to-day data including installed units, hours spent, cost to complete, scope changes/RFI’s and schedule updates. By tracking installed units, we can tell our clients exactly how close we are to project completion, and can transparently show exactly what systems are ready for checkout and start-up.

AMS maintains a 130,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility that services several specialty contracts as well as the prefabrication to support all field operations. Through strong leadership in the field, with a team of highly trained and qualified personnel, AMS adds value to every project by meeting and exceeding the expectations of all customers.

Prefabrication Services








Design & Engineering



• Design/Build
• Plan & Spec
• Pipe Fabrication
• Equipment Rigging & Setting
• Special Alloy & Welding
• Heavy Wall Pipe Welding
• Instrumentation
• Code Welding
• Plant Maintenance
• Process & Power Piping
• Skid Fabrication
• Emergency Shutdown
• Ironwork
• Millwright
• Civil/Concrete/Heavy Foundations
• Service & Maintenance

Industries served:

• Power Generation
• Alternate Fuels
• Steel Manufacturing
• Petrochemical
• Industrial Food Processing
• Chemical Plants
• Wastewater Treatment
• Hydrogen Plants
• Pharmaceutical Facilities
• Manufacturing


• Collaboration
• Prefabrication
• 3D Scanning
• Coordination
• Operational Data & Maintenance

Fabrication Facilities
warehouse ams

Illinois Location

9341 Adam Don Parkway, Woodridge, IL 60517
100, 350 sq. ft. fabrication facility
prefab indiana

Indiana Location

425 W. 151st Street East Chicago, IN 46312
70,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility

See What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I just want to take a quick moment to commend your plumbing staff on the well-executed domestic water pump change out. I have never in my 30 years in the business seen a project go as smoothly and professionally as I have today. Your guys worked non-stop from 7am to make sure we were back on line with hot and cold water by 3pm when it was a scheduled shut down until 5pm. You have a great team working for you Dennis. I know that whatever the issue is her at the hotel Center, your plumbers as well as the two boss ladies Donna and Shannon get it done and make sure that our needs are met with priority. Thank you again for your professionalism and team work. BTW, Honorable mention to Frank for making sure the tank got done today and scoping this job two years ago. We love ya Frank, just not as much as everyone else, LOL!!

    - Robert Litavecz, Hampton Inn Midway

  • Good morning! The overnight job went off without a hitch.  Just wanted to thank you and your team at AMS for the great partnership we have created. The professionalism starting from the office and scheduling with Donna and Shannon,  to the service guys that always find a way to get the job completed. Steve Joyce and the Novak brothers are always a pleasure to work with and they are a great asset to AMS. They show great leadership and  we never have to micro manage them when they are here doing a job.  The other service guys  we have had the pleasure of meeting (Steve Rogers)  are very knowledgeable and answer any question we may have. Thank you again and look forward to doing future business with your outstanding team.

    - Palmer House

  • All,

    I just want to pass on what a great job Tony and Adrian did Tuesday night.  They did some really quality work and got it done well ahead of schedule.  I would gladly have them on any job.

    Many thanks,

    Earl Duff
    Project Engineer
    MSS Solutions, LLC

    - MSS Solutions, LLC

  • Hey Dennis,

    You already know you have a great group of people working with you but today they came through big time. ParkShore, and possibly even more so, I appreciate Tony and Donna pulling a bunch of work together in a day. Thanks again.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks again to Tony, Donna and Eileen (HVAC), she tried today and we were this/close to having someone come out. Just late notice on our end.


    - ParkShore Condominium Association

  • I would like to thank you all for the time your people were here they did a great job they represented your company well.  I would like to give a special thanks to Dave Novak he is by far the best plumber I have ever seen work he really takes pride in his work from start to finish. It is very rare to have someone so valuable on your team that you can trust to do anything and that represents your company to the highest standards.

    - 1415 N Dearborn

  • AMS Mechanical and Plumbing are the best contractors on Earth! Dependable, reliable, trustworthy, professional, and very easy to work with. They make the process of doing a project seamless. And response time to emergency situations is impeccable.

    Thank you – John, Ben, Bill, Eric, Dennis, and team!

    - Midwest, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

  • Our company, Anderson/Miller, Ltd. has worked on large and small scale Hospitality projects since our inception in 1982 and have often had the good fortune of collaborating with Dennis Sartain and AMS on Plumbing and its related trades.  AMS’s expertise and practical know-how is invaluable to finding solutions that are appropriate, affordable and aesthetically correct to preserve design intent.  Dennis is proactive in his approach and anticipates problems before they arise.

    - Anderson/Miller, Ltd.

  • I have worked with AMS mechanical for over 10 years and have successfully completed many projects together. The level of expertise at AMS, from senior management to field personnel, is second to none. They bring a level of understanding of the scope, schedule, and the needs of the client that truly sets them apart. They have always been a valuable and dependable member of the project team, successfully addressing challenges and providing solutions that help us stay on schedule and within budget.

    - James McHugh Construction Co.

  • “In the course of 25 years in the hotel industry, I have renovated several assets. To me it has always been important to work with a contractor that offers more than just technical experience in the project. With AMS Mechanical, I found a partner that not only was competent in the job, but someone that took the time to collaborate with me on finding solutions that made the project more effective, efficient and what was best for the hotel or restaurant. I learned quite a bit from AMS and their approach to managing a project. The care and effort that went into developing a relationship with me was far more important than just getting the job done. From a personal and professional position, I cannot express how pleased I am with their work, their people and their commitment to doing the job right. I highly recommend them for any potential projects you may have in the works.”

    - Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants

  • Donna,
    I just received a call from a driver who was in distress and was helped by several of your technicians.
    The caller wanted to pass along his gratitude to the company, in particular Frank Favicchio, Adrian Novak and one other employee that he could not identify.
    The driver stated that their willingness to lend a helping hand to others in need, showed their solid character and went far beyond what he expected from strangers.

    Please pass along the caller’s sentiment, as well as my own and thank them for representing AMS in a good light.

    - Paul Armenia, Procurement Manager, AMS

  • Bill,
    I would like to express my appreciation for the crew that was sent here to perform our hot water tie-in to our existing system. It was not a flawless shut down to say the least. This was my first major shut down of any significance regarding the mechanical systems and I needed to be present to see exactly what was involved. Your personnel starting with Frank Favicchio were great to work with. Frank had everything coordinated as well as it could be. The issues that we had were with our system and valves not with AMS.
    On site for the shut down were: Frank Favicchio, Adrian Novak, Dave Novak and Dillon Bass. First let me say what a great crew. They all knew their part and worked as a unit with my personnel to accomplish this very heart stopping task of shutting water down to my whole building. I would like you to pass this along not only to them but whoever else should know of their efforts. Great Job!
    I hope that I never have to do another shut down like that again, but if I do I would like to request these same people.

    Thank you,

    - Jeff Kerr, Palos Community Hospital

  • I just wanted to follow up to say Thanks again for getting Mike out to Park. Our Chief Custodian (Eric) worked with him to install the new motor as well as check the other boiler that was having problems.

    Eric, just came up and said they were finished and he passed along that Mike did an excellent job. He raved on for a while about how good Mike was, that he REALLY knew his stuff and was a pleasure to work with. He asked if he could call Mike’s boss “Krista” to let her know and of course I said YES. It is always good to hear the good stuff.  However, I also wanted to touch base with you because Eric NEVER does this. They only other person I have ever heard him compliment was Pete.

    So, AMS is batting 1000 on their techs and “infinity” on compliments from Eric.

    Thanks again for sending him out. It was VERY much appreciated.

    - Tom Akerman, Director of Buildings & Grounds

  • Dennis,

    I wanted to personally thank you and your entire team for the excellent work on the almost completed renovation of the Fair Field Inn @ Midway.  You are new to our stable of Sub-contractors, but I can see a longstanding relationship with AMS and value this relationship and the work you have done for Cicero’s so far. We plan to include you on future opportunities, both large and small. Your professionalism, skilled trade’s people and pragmatic attitude is a prime example of why we want to continue to work with your team on an ongoing basis.  The attention to detail, excellent working relationship with both the hotel as well as Cicero’s is what we look for on a renovation. Your team has helped make this project successful and is evidenced by the minimal list of punch items and your quick response in resolving the items that were outstanding.

    It is a pleasure for us to work with you, we look forward to future projects.


    - Sam Cicero, Jr. – President

  • I have know and worked with Dennis Abbott for the better part of 28 years as an onsite Chief Engineer at several luxury residential high rises in the downtown area, and then as the Director of Engineering for FirstServices Residential. Throughout my career whenever I was in need of service I could count on Dennis and or his colleagues to support me and the associations I was representing. As we in the industry know, it’s the “service” we receive from our vendors that establishes a foundation that cannot be diminished when change is eminent. To this, I am grateful to know and work with Dennis Abbott and A.M.S. Mechanical, and expect to continue until we both retire as old gray men. By the way, have you seen his picture? This may happen sooner than later!

    - Robert Meyer,
    Director of Engineering Services at FirstService Residential

  • AMS did an excellent Job on every account. Bill & Krista make an awesome team!!

    - Kathleen Dormin, 30 West Oak Condo Association

  • “We had the pleasure of working with your site foreman. He demonstrated excellent leadership, displayed a positive attitude, and his extensive knowledge of mechanical systems ensured that the project ran smoothly.”

    Yours Truly,

    - Marco Mancini, Urbacon LTD

  • “The degree of professionalism and expertise that I have seen from AMS, over the past several weeks, is second to none. It is an absolute pleasure to be working with each and every member of the AMS team.”


    - Terry Enright, Assistant V.P. Engineering, Arden Realty, Inc.

  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank AMS Project Manager’s and their on-site teams for thier work effort, cooperation and overall “get it done” attitude on the Domino’s Pizza Project in Woodridge, IL. It was indeed a pleasure to work with professional such as AMS Project Manager’s and the AMS on-site teams who are knowledgeable and have a great team attitude to get a project done in a tight time frame. Please thank the on-site team for us. We will continue to look for future opportunities to work with AMS – PMT group of professionals.”

    - Russ Cudmore, Primus Builders

  • I use AMS-PMT and they ROCK.  They have a guy who can find hidden crossover issues — and they have the patience of saints.  All the Novak brothers are smart and exceptionally competent.  Biggest thing is that they can explain to irate residents what needs to be done and allay their concerns.  I’ve used them for four years and can’t say enough good things about them.  630.887.7700, ask for Donna Leska / Dennis Abbott.

    - Diana C. Turowski, CMCA Property Manager,1550 Lake Shore Drive

  • Guys,

    I wanted to reach out and thank you for the great installation at Downers Grove.  The lead sales guy for Aerco who checks on all of our projects was onsite today and told me it was the best install he has seen.  They were very pleased with it along with the hotel.  Thanks for all the effort y’all put into it.


    - MSS Solutions